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Life is a roller coaster

And thank God for that!

After 40-odd years with 40-Odd ventures, each one with its own unique story, many of them  successful and others not so, with all their ups and downs, it’s time to ride up again!

Starting with a Plywood business, traversing through a stream of different activities like, Computer Education, Refrigeration, Food, Garments, Sports, Electricals, Pollution Control, Pyrolysis, Solar Energy,  Retail and now E-Comm, It has been an exciting, thrill filled, sometimes scary but a very rewarding journey. But people around you will always ask only one question – where is the money! And here we are, out to make some good money along with some real good people.

As we grow our E-Comm business –, I will continue to share our experience and look forward to your feedback/guidance.

Why we are doing this? There were and are insane number of people who would believe that we would succeed hugely. One such person was my brother who passed away a year ago. I owe it to him and a lot more people around me that we succeed, and succeed hugely. But most importantly, I love to build businesses. The joy of creating solutions and see them succeed has been the most exciting experience of my life.

How prepared we are? Better than ever! Technically, emotionally, intent or focus, take any parameter, we are in a great shape. The only issue is that of finance but we have removed the need for additional funds for running the show. In that sense, we are better prepared even financially. As we add Franchisees and Vendors to our family, our support system is going to be rock solid and self sustaining.

What else can go wrong? Any thing. Any time. We closed down 4 businesses during lockdowns in last 2 years. One of the business was started during the lockdown. It has been a slugfest, cruel and brutal. We may face a few more challenges in the future. But now we are not scared or embarrassed. We are now prepared with better process and attitude. Be it Online or Offline, Direct selling or B2B, Fulfilment, Logistics or any possible eventuality, we are ready to deal with.

What is the timeline? Aim to be a Unicorn during my lifetime! Too much to ask for? Not at all. Given our experience in various types of activities and preparation for the project, this is a doable target.

What do I want? I am thankful that you have cared to read my story. You can help me in many ways. You can spread the word about us or joins us as vendor or franchisee or customer. Even a thought about us will go a long way to support. God has been always kind to us to open bigger door after every set back. Many of you will become those doors. My heart is already filled with gratitude.

Narendra Sethia
Founder, Greenmor

1 thought on “Life is a roller coaster”

  1. Narendra,
    After reading your blog, the first thought that came to my mind was, you and I should have gone into the advertising business, when we had thought of it, then.
    Your writing skills have remained as clear as ever.
    And yes the thrill of building a new business can never be replaced by the intoxication of success or money that comes with it.
    Infact it turns you into a coward. You set about trying to save and protect the wealth.
    Where as a new venture gets the adrenaline rushing.
    As always I am in awe of your grit and determination.
    My best wishes are and shall always remain with you.

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