A one stop solution that offers Ready-To-Run E-Comm businesses with complete support – from physical to digital to help you start your own online store in practically no time. And you spend zero time in organisation. This is a brand new way of owning and running an Online Store without any hassle. Greenmor has set a unique platform for Entrepreneurs who want to have their own Store to sell online without a risk or investment.

ZERO. That’s what you need to invest. You are not required to hold any stocks nor any infrastructure to work in Greenmor ecosystem.

Let no one tell you that. If you think you have good number of friends and family and can network, just dive into it. There is no risk. If you think it is not working out for you, you can exit any time.

Sign up as a franchisee with a plan of your choice – Monthly, Half-Yearly or Yearly Plans and fill up the Registration Form (Here). Choose your domain name (give at least 5 options) and we will setup the store for you. You will also have to provide logos and banner pictures if you require customisation or you can outsource the work from us with an add-on plan. Once your website is setup, just share the same with your network. Any additional promotion will increase the sale. 

No. We’ll completely take care of purchases, stocking, invoicing and shipping. This makes it easy for anyone to become a franchisee and start their own business.

Absolutely none. We’ve got you completely covered.

Just in a day! You just make sure you have provided all information and material needed for website, i.e., photos, logos, etc..


We’ve got you covered on that! All you need to do is give a few options that you would like to name your business as, and we’ll buy, build and operate the domain for you.

Anything and everything you like. Our Monthly Plan includes up to 3 categories and the Half-Yearly and Yearly Plans include up to 7. You could add more categories with the add-on plans, but we suggest you start with 3 categories and build a niche clientele.

Despite having multiple franchisees on board, each website is distinctive because of the extent of customisation that is possible on Greenmor. From selecting products to how you’d like to display them, adding blogs and stories related to your products, logos and graphics, everything has your unique style.

Yes, surely! You can decide the percentage of profits you would like for yourself while selling through your website. We suggest to keep the prices low to build a loyal customer base. Please keep in mind that all products have an MRP and the prices have to be within that limit. You can run offers on your site as well giving discounts to your customers (discounts will be deducted from your margins). Also note, GST applicable on the added margins will be deducted.

Not directly. You’ll have to apply to become our vendor to sell you goods through this platform. In such case, those products will also be available to other franchisees if they choose so.

Definitely, you can. Not just WhatsApp, you can share these products on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other platforms as well, with just a click of a button!

You can do that, but you’ll have to follow the process of placing an order on the website with the details of the customer and making an online payment.

You’ll be given a franchisee panel to view the order status, history and also an account statement of your earnings.

You have a range of options! WhatsApp is widely used to reach out and engage with customers and with an easy to share process built in to your website, updating your customers via WhatsApp will fell like a breeze. You could promote your website within your network group via Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platforms. You can create discount coupons to attract more visitors to the site. Additionally, paid promotions on Google and Facebook/Instagram can be carried out to boost your business. SEO to increase your website’s visibility can be done.

All franchisee websites are guided by a precise return policy. Generally, products are non-returnable unless otherwise mentioned on the product page. In case the product delivered is not as mentioned on the site or damaged, we will replace/refund (as mentioned in our return/refund policy) the same after due process.


For all Plans, it will be a monthly payout.

Every customer on logging onto your site will have dedicated panel that will detail out their order history, order tracking, invoice, return option and raising a complaint as well. Besides this, a WhatsApp link is provided if a customer wants to know more about any product.

You have our full support and we’ll always be happy to help you through any activity that will help you boost your business. You can contact us through your franchisee panel or on the contact details provided on the website.