YOB Details



Now You Can Own a Ready-To-Run Business for absolutely Free!

YOB program is designed for people who are keen on running an online business but don’t know how to start and manage.

You pick a name for your website and choose from a wide range of products (fashion, home decor, kitchen, baby products, etc), and we’ll build a complete e-commerce site as well as stock it up for you. All you have to do is start spreading the word about your new online store!

+ Stocking, adding variety, bargaining with vendors, managing GST, all of it is our headache.

+ Since we’ll be handling the invoicing and deliveries, you don’t need to register yourself as a business.

+ We have a robust online payment system, so no sweating on payment followups with either customers or us.

+ Your site will be hosted on dedicated servers so you never run out of space and speed.

Running an online store with Greenmor is like running a regular store. Harder you work, better and more long term the prospects are. 

Your margins are fixed on per category basis. Each Category will have a base rate. Commission will be paid in the following ratio:

  • Base Level Commission for Free Category
  • Base x 1.5% For Paid Category for sale up to 100000/-
  • Base x 2%  For Paid Category for sales above Rs. 100000/-

Note: TDS and/or other applicable taxes will be deductible. Commissions are paid and calculated on monthly basis. Commissions are subject to revision and differ as per product, plan and category.

You can choose the store name, the products and how your store looks. Options of designing logos, banners and the overall presentation of your website is available to you. Or if you like we could do that as well.

Categories will constantly be added and upgraded from time to time and you’ll be given a free hand to decide on what you would like to sell to your audience.

Step 1:
Register as a reseller on the link given below.

Step 2:
After a few rounds of communication and paperwork, we’ll start building a website for you.

Step 3:
Your website should be ready in 1-3 days of your on-boarding and ready to launch!

That’s pretty much it. We look forward to setting up your own business and building it up with you.