Start Your Business Today with:

No Risk
No Investment
No Setting Up
No Waiting
No Management
Exclusive Domain
Your Choice of Category
Work From Anywhere

Just Talk and Make People Talk About Your Business

Greenmor Ready-To-Run Business is Risk-Free, Hassle-Free and Investment-Free


“Innovators are the small % of the population that challenges the rest of us to see and think of the world a little differently. Early adopters are similar to innovators in that they appreciate the advantages wrought by new ideas or technologies.”

India e-commerce will reach US $99 Billion by 2024, growing at 27% CAGR over 2019-2024, with grocery and fashion/apparel likely to be the key drivers of incremental growth.


We are offering you a complete e-commerce business. From building you a website, procurement, inventory management, accounting to end-customer deliveries, we’ll take of everything.

And What do you do? Just Talk & Make People Talk About It!

YOB is E-Comm Story 2.0

YOB is not a typical Social Network Selling with lakhs of resellers putting efforts to copy and share products endlessly.

YOB is about building your own Online Super Store with an exclusive domain. You can choose what to sell and how and where to sell. You can define how your store looks and how it is branded.

You can decide how to promote your store. It could be done with Friends and Family or Social Media Networks or Advertisement on various platforms.

As you promote, we take care of almost everything else. Website creation and management, purchase, inventory management, accounts and taxation, logistics or any other issue that may be needed to be taken care of except promotion.

Features of YOB Scheme:

+ Start with our Free plan for 30 days.

+ Continue with Free Plan with Minimum Sale of 25000/-

+ Opt for Paid Plans to increase your earning

+ Get a ready-to-sell setup within 3 working days.

+ No dead stock. No store rentals. No bills.

+ No need to manage business, accounts or taxation.

+ Just need to promote.