Tyre pyrolysis is a method for recycling used tyres where shredded or whole tyres are heated in a reactor vessel containing an oxygen free atmosphere. Pyrolysis, an otherwise wonderful industry, is being run on outdated and inefficient systems thereby making it highly polluting and unsafe. It produces pyrolytic gas, oil, carbon black, steel wire and waste water. Oil and Carbon black are widely used as an energy source. Steel wire also has its industrial uses. But waste water has been a major problem so far. Furthermore, the plants are ill equipped with analogue temperature and pressure meters which neither have dependability nor can they be installed to take the readings from the reactor directly. The monitoring of these meters is completely dependent on untrained plant operators and is highly susceptible to errors making this industry extremely hazardous.

Greenmor has come up with solutions. It gives to this industry revolutionary systems: 

PyroBurn is a low-cost burner system exclusively made for the tyre pyrolysis industry. This feature rich burner is so advanced that it not only saves money and time, it also makes running your plant very simple. PyroBurn is the most efficient system to burn your Waste Water & Oil and get the maximum value out of them with minimal emissions. 


    Salient Features:

  • Very Low Pay-Back Period.
  • Dual Fuel Burner
  • Automatic Flushing
  • Stainless Steel Burner
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Water Spray Facility
  • Automatic Electric Ignition (optional)
  • Easy Installation
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PyroFlare is an automatic flaring system for the pyrolysis industry. It is easy to install and programme as per individual need. With PyroFlare you can make sure that your plant does not smell bad. Additionally it maintains the pressure of the entire plant optimally. PyroFlare is an effective solution to the odour problems that is forcing Pollution Control Boards and NGT to shutdown this industry.


Salient Features:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Bypass Switch
  • 100Db Hooter
  • Stainless Steel Flare
  • Easy to Programme
  • Large LED Display
  • Anti-Flashback System
  • Maintains Plant's Pressure
  • Easy Installation
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PyroWater Utilizer creates special conditions for waste water which turns into an efficient emulsion fuel. The fuel is combined with air under specific settings and released through uniquely designed burners for most advantageous results. With PWU, you not only save money but also the environment.

PyroWater Utilizer

    Salient Features:

  • Recover the cost withing 3-4 months.
  • Fully Automatic
  • No addition of chemicals.
  • No residue discharge.
  • Inbuilt reactor cooling system.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Stainless Steel cabinet.
  • Interface for emergency shutdown.
  • PWU is approved by Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board.
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TotalControl System, specially designed for Tyre Pyrolysis Plants, is a centralised system for sensible management and hassle-free work environment. It not only frees you from unnecessarily waiting and depending on your staff with data updates as and when required, but also makes you plant safer and organised. 

TotalControl System

     Salient Features:

  • SMS on demand and on emergency.
  • Records minute to minute data on pendrive.
  • Automatic Pressure Control facility.
  • Hooter Facility.
  • Emergency Shutdown interface.
  • Four standard inputs and up to Eight inputs with individual display and recording.

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